Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Charles White

Charles White - Facade Of Railway Houses

from BBC Your Paintings

Edward Wadsworth (1889-1949)

From BBC Your Paintings

John Nash (1893-1977)

"...The review in the local paper, The Colchester Express contained this simple, yet pertinent tribute: 'A painting by John Nash is like a sentence spoken by a gentleman, perfectly enunciated, quiet, complete, yet with a certain reserve about it as of things left unsaid'..." 

From Christies.com

Eric Meadus (1931 – 1970)

From BBC Your Paintings

Winifred Nicholson (1893–1981)

From BBC Your Paintings

Mary Fedden (b. 1915)

From BBC Your Paintings

Peter Potworowski (1889-1962)

 Peter Potworowski - Forest (Cornwall) 1954 from the Tate Collection

Peter Potworowski - French Town from BBC Your Paintings

Charles Ginner (1878–1952)

From BBC Your Paintings

From the Tate Collection

David Rayson (b. 1966)

 David Rayson - Blackham Road

 David Rayson - Griffiths Drive

David Rayson - The Fire

Tristram Hillier (1905-1983)

 From BBC Your Paintings

From Magnolia Box