Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Woodgreen Village Hall Murals - Edward Payne and Robert Baker

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It's only as an adult that I've really come to appreciate these murals. My grandmother grew up in Woodgreen and the Sunday School panel features some of her brothers and sisters.

From Wikipedia: "When the village hall was built in 1930-1, two students from the Royal College Of Art (Robert Baker and Edward Payne) were commissioned by the Carnegie Trust to decorate the walls entirely with murals, depicting village life as it was then. The mural shows poachers looking down from Castle Hill; the Sunday School in the Methodist Church; folk dancing; fruit picking; the Horse and Groom; the village flower show; making cider; and the caretaker lighting the stove."

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Charles White

Charles White - Facade Of Railway Houses

from BBC Your Paintings

Edward Wadsworth (1889-1949)

From BBC Your Paintings

John Nash (1893-1977)

"...The review in the local paper, The Colchester Express contained this simple, yet pertinent tribute: 'A painting by John Nash is like a sentence spoken by a gentleman, perfectly enunciated, quiet, complete, yet with a certain reserve about it as of things left unsaid'..."